British Council Nepal

British Council Nepal has played a very instrumental role in the establishment and nurturing of NELTA. Since its inception, NELTA has received invaluable cooperation and unfailing support from British Council towards the promotion of ELT in Nepal . It has sponsored nine out of ten keynote speakers to address the audience during the NELTA Inter national Conferences. It has supported NELTA members to earn masters' degrees in ELT from the UK institutions through the Hornsby Trust Scheme.

Likewise, British Council has sponsored many NELTA members to attend the short ELT courses and international ETL events in different countries. NELTA has also received support from the British Council towards developing teacher training package for secondary English teachers and language development package for primary English teachers. Visit British Counsil Web

Currently, English for Teaching; Teaching for English (ETTE +) is being implemented in Chitwan for 150 primary level teachers teaching English and English medium. The project aims to improve teaching skills and English language proficiency of primary level teachers.