18th International Conference

Accomodation Options In Janakpur_old

1. Hotel Manaki

Hotel Manaki can provide us around 35 rooms out of 43 at a discount of 20% only. Details are below in its leaflet: 

2. Hotel Welcome

Hotel Welcome can provide us around 20/25 rooms out of 40 at a discount of 20% only. Details are below in its leaflet

Conference Details

Location: Kathmandu
From : 27th August, 2020

To : 27th August, 2020

Other details

Conference Location Janakpur
Call for presentations for 18th conference
Presenter's Proposal Form
Conference Location Kathmandu
Accomodation Options In Kathmandu
Accomodation Options In Janakpur_old
Accomodation Options In Janakpur
Registration Fee for the 18th NELTA International Conference

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