TESOL-NELTA Regional Conference and Symposium 2019, Nepal

Conference Theme

NELTA is organing TESOL-NELTA Regional Conference and Symposium 2019, Nepal. Main Theme: Ecological Approach to ELT: Prospects and Challenges  Sub Themes:

  • Fostering active teaching and learning in EFL/ESL in digital technological Context
  • Enriching ELT through Research and Practices: Agenda for the future
  • Teachers as Change Agents: Diversity in Pedagogy, Identity and Students
  • Reflective and reflexive practices in ELT
  • Education for human rights and democratic citizenship in English language education
  • English and Eco pedagogy, sustainability education 
  • Social media and democratic education in the English language classroom
  • Citizenship learning for inclusion, sociocultural diversity and gender; -Innovations in teacher education, educational policies and curricula with regard to globally relevant topics 
  • Classroom technology and materials: i.e. mobile apps, interactive whiteboards, educational software, textbooks with a focus on global issues
  • Implications, perspectives, and challenges regarding the question of what it entails to educate (digital) global citizens within English language education
  • Blending Research in Classroom Learning: Challenges and Opportunities
  • Translingual and Transcultural Practices in Academic Writing
  • Critical Thinking in Academic Writing
  • Academic Writing: Process/Product or Both?
  • Creative writing in ELT: Purpose, Audience, and Style
  • Issues of L2 Learners with Rhetoric of Writing
  • Feedback in Academic Writing: Focusing HOCs or LOCs
  • Language Testing and Assessment 
  • English for Academic/ Specific Purposes 
  • Curriculum and Syllabus Design
  •  Language Planning and Language Policy 
  • Language Program Evaluation 
  • Innovations in Language Teaching and Learning 
  • English as a Lingua Franca/ Intercultural Communication / World Englishes 
  • Professional Development and Language Teacher Education 
  • Communication and Language Studies
  • Global education and transcultural learning in English language education

  • Conference Details

    Location: Malla Hotel, Thamel, Kathmandu
    From : 27th August, 2020

    To : 27th August, 2020

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