29th NELTA International Conference 2025

Theme: Machine, Humanity, and Language: Navigating the Uncharted Frontiers in ELT
Sub Themes:
1. Integrating Technology and AI into ELT
2. EdTech, ELT and GenZ
3. ICT Policies in Language Education
4. Digital Literacy, Human Interaction, and Critical Thinking in ELT
5. Social Justice in English Language Education  
6. Global Citizenship within the Digital Learning Environment
7. Emotional Intelligence and Resilience in Language Learning
8. Redefining Multilingualism and Multiculturalism in ELT
9. Diversity in Language Instruction
10. Differentiated Instruction in ELT
11. Assessment and Curriculum Alignment
12. Ethical Issues in Tech-driven Language Learning
13. Ecology of Language Teaching and Learning
14. Integrating Soft and Language Skills   
15. Professional Development in ELT


Conference Details

Location: Nepal
From : 27th February, 2025

To : 1st March, 2025

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