A One Day Webinar on the Theme: The Psychological Impacts of COVID-19 on Students

NELTA Siraha conducted one-day webinar (Virtual Interactive Program) on The Psychological Impact Of Covid-19 on Students on 15 June 2020, with the technical support of zoom by the NELTA Center. The program was chaired by Mr. Madan Kumar Mandal, the Chair of NELTA Siraha and inaugurated by Mr. Bijay Kumar Mandal, the Chief of Education Development and Co-ordination Unit, Siraha as a Chief Guest.   The NELTA President Ms. Motikala Subba Dewan, congratulated Siraha Branch for initiating the significant webinar despite the technical challenges. She believed the webinar would be able to address the issue of our students and teachers after pandemic and come up with the better strategy, and plan.  She highlighted the present confusing state of the country due to the COVID 19 and closing of NELTA Office from 3 months and its impacts on NELTA’s activities. She shared about the many trainings, webinars and conferences completed by 7 provinces and some branches of NELTA during lockdown and about the ongoing webinar series running in collaboration with the British Council. At the end, once again, she congratulated Siraha Branch and expressed her gratitude to all the guests for their valuable presence.                                                                                          The Chief of Education Development and Coordination Unit Siraha, Mr. Bijay Kumar Mandal appreciated the work of NELTA Siraha and NELTA as a whole for organizing the Webinar on the relevant topic of today as well as other programs for the teachers’ professional development voluntarily. The President of Province 2, Dr. Dinesh Kumar Yadav expressed his happiness to the Siraha Branch for organizing the Webinar on the very contextual topic of today and encouraged all NELTA members to be involved in such useful interactive programs. The Campus Chief of JSMM Campus Lahan, Mr. Tulsi Ram Pokhrel expressed the challenges of Post lockdown, teachers, students, and parents may face after resuming the face to face classes. Mr. Dharnidhar Adhikari, the Campus Chief of Lahan Everest College shared his study on the report of Corona Affected patients based on some major countries. He also expressed his concern about the challenges teachers may face in their usual classes after conducting the online classes. Similarly, Mr. Rambinay Yadav a life member of Siraha, expressed the psychological effect on students in teaching-learning due to the present pandemic period. Last but not least Mr. Bidur Bhattarai, Headmaster of Sagarmatha, Secondary School, Lahan also expressed his ideas on the topic. The program was initiated on the leadership of Mr. Madan Mandal the Chair of NELTA Siraha with the support of Mr. Binod Prasad Chaudhary, secretary, and Mr. Sanjay Kumar Yadav, an executive member. Mr. Ashok Sapkota, NELTA Treasurer and Mrs. Sarita Dewan, the National Training Coordinator provided technical support. The webinar was able to cover the topics on present threats, psychological issues on students and parents, and some solutions for Post-COVID 19 period.

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Posted on :15th August, 2020
Posted by : Amrit Thapa
Updated at : 24th December, 2020

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