Webinars for Teachers and Teacher Educators (May 2020)

NELTA collaborated with British Council Nepal to host a series of webinars for teachers and teacher educators throughout the month of May to support teachers in continuing their teaching and learning  and preparing them to reenter the classrooms in a renewed way when schools reopen.

Thank you all for joining with us in the May sessions, please find the links for the sessions here. 

Session 1: Developing as Teachers – what can I do to keep improving myself? (May 11, 2020)





Session 2: Online safeguarding – the need of the hour (May 15, 2020)




Session 3: Basics of remote delivery (May 18, 2020)




Session 4: Using online teaching/meeting platforms (May 22, 2020)





Session 5: Introduction to core skills - why do teachers need to know about them? (May 25, 2020)




Session 6: Using online resources to support primary learners (May 29, 2020)




Session 7: Using online resources to support secondary learners (May 29, 2020)


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