Access Program 20th Anniversary Regional Summit and Training

The Access Program 20th Anniversary Regional Summit and Training is going to be organized in Kathmandu from June 7-11, 2024. The Regional English Language Office Nepal is hosting a summit for Access teachers and student alumni in collaboration with NELTA. The teachers’ section of the summit will take place from June 7-9, 2024 with an arrival of June 6 and departure on June 10 while the student alumni section of the summit will take place from June 9-11, 2024 with an arrival of June 8 and departure of June 12.

Teachers, coordinators, Focal Persons (current and past) of the Access Program and Access Student alumni (at least 18 years old) from Nepal, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka will attend the program. In the summit/training, teachers will share their experiences teaching in the Access Program and learn about the new Access Program's principles, curriculum, and lesson plans that will be implemented in the next program cycle. Selected teacher participants will also interact with students alumni in the region and discuss future alumni programming. Even if you have not taught Access for some time and may not be an Access teacher in the future, we encourage all current and former Access Teachers to apply as this summit will be highly beneficial not just for your Access teaching, but also for your general classroom practice. 

Likewise, Access Students Alumni from Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka will share their experiences in the Access Program and discuss the future of alumni programming in the region. They further will interact with teachers to discuss best practices for the future of the Access Program. 

Participation in this summit is all-inclusive: all travel, hotels, meals, and travel insurance will be provided by the U.S. Department of State. The Regional English Language Office Kathmandu and the U.S. Embassy are collaborating with the Nepal English Language Teachers’ Association (NELTA). NELTA will handle all program logistics as an implementing partner.

Program Objectives:

For Teachers:
-Share best practices on all pedagogical aspects of the Access program.

-Learn about new pillars of the Access program and how to implement them.
-Discuss how to implement Access best practices in classrooms outside of the Access program.
-Interact with student alumni to help determine the best ways to increase alumni programming.

For Student Alumni:
-Connect with other alumni from the region and share ideas for alumni programming.
-Discuss how to enhance alumni engagement through networking, clubs, and associations.
-Interact with Access teachers to discuss learning best practices.

Program Trainers:
For Teachers:
A team of 3 facilitator contractors will handle the teacher phase of the summit.  They are currently developing the materials for the new version of Access.  RELO and NELTA trainers will also participate in group work and breakout sessions.

Student Alumni: This will be facilitated by RELO and NELTA with at least several Nepali guest speakers.  The 3 facilitators may also remain in Kathmandu to work with the students.

Participant Numbers: 
Teachers: 54 total (Nepal 20, Bangladesh 17, Sri Lanka 17)
Student Alumni: 54 total (Nepal 20, Bangladesh 17, Sri Lanka 17)
Grand total: 108


If you have any inquiries about the program, please write to us at