American Embassy

American Embassy is another close partner of NELTA that has been cooperating with us in various ELT activities. It has been sponsoring a key note speaker in NELTA International Conference since 1997. Some NELTA members have also received support from the American Embassy to visit to the US to attend the TESOL conferences. Besides, American Embassy has been supporting NELTA by providing it with copies of English Teaching Forum on a regular basis. The Forum has been provided worldwide as an extremely useful materials for ELT professionals. The articles in the Forum present a wide array of experience drawn from the actual classroom teachers from different parts of the globe. This disseminates updated and fresh knowledge and information among our teachers. 


Access Program: The ‘English Access Microscholarship Program (Access Program)’ is a program in Nepal implemented by NELTA and sponsored by U.S. Embassy/the U.S. State Department. It provides a foundation of English language skills and leadership skills to bright 13 to 16 year-olds from economically disadvantaged backgrounds through years of after-school instruction and intensive sessions. Access students also gain an appreciation for U.S. culture and democratic values through enhancement activities. A greater sensitivity to cultural differences, coupled with the acquired English language skills, will enable the participants to take advantage of opportunities that were previously unavailable to them. The 400-hour, two-year program consists of 36 weeks per year, in addition to a 40 hour Youth Leadership Development Camp. The students are also introduced to U.S. education system, particularly the materials that U.S. children learn in their schools. Since the program includes the students from disadvantaged ethnic minorities, they are given ample opportunities to interact in English on the issues of ethnic tolerance, individual freedom, human rights, gender equity and participate in events organized to promote and develop sensitivity on such issues. Access Program started from 2011 and now it has been implemented in 23 districts of Nepal with more than 700 graduates till 2018. In November 2016, Access Alumni Association, Nepal (AAAN) has been established to provide a common platform for Access alumni to learn and work together. 

The details about the 'Access Program' is updated regularly on its Access Blog. Here are some of the glimpses of Access caught on lens.


Hello! says the excited students from Dang, Dhading and Gulmi enjoying their field trip in Pokhara during Access Camp 2017


Releasing of the half yearly Access Newsletter  (Left) and students playing a laguage game, board game at Access camp (Right)


Showing off their camp trophies and awards, here comes the Access team of Lalitpur and Surkhet during Access Camp closing 2018


Dang Access students having delightful conversation with US Ambassador to Nepal Alaina B. Teplitz in 2016 (Left) and Dhading Access displaying enhancement activity learnings in Access with Public Affairrs Officer Paul Thomas during Access graduation 2018


NELTA President Meera Shrestha, NELTA Senior Vice President Motikala Subba Dewan and RELO Russell Barzyk releasing 'Enriching English through Plays', a book of drama performed by our Access students during Access Camp 2016


Access students in Community Service! Performing street drama in Kanchanpur and Donating food and sports items in Pokhara

Cultural Celebrations in Access! Halloween in Jhapa and Tihar in Pokhara