Bagmati Province


Present NELTA Bagmati Committee (Formation on 7th October, 2023) 

S.N. Name Designation Branch 
1  Rameshwar Thakur  President  Kavre
2  Kishor Parajuli  Senior Vice President  Makawanpur
3  Yub Raj Subedi  Vice President Dhading
4  Sangam Chaulagain  General Secretary  Makawanpur
5  Birbal Lama  Secretary Nuwakot
6  Srijana Paudel   Membership Secretary Makwanpur 
 Beg Bahadur Thapa  Treasurer Kavre 
8  Ganesh Prasad Humagain   Immediate Past President (IPP) Makwanpur 
9  Shree Krishna Kandel  Member Nuwakot
10  Deepak Khadka  Member Ramechhap
11  Ganesh Bahadur Thapa   Member Sindhuli
12  Nani Babu Ghimire   Member Sindhuli
13  Uttam Aryal  Member  Makwanpur 
14  Deepak Sitaula  Member  Dhading
15  Shanti Adhikari  Member  Chitwan
16 Badri Bahadur Tamang Member Sindhuli
17 Manuka Adhikari Member Kavre
18 Tribhuvan Pokhrel  Member Bhaktapur
19 Ishwor Chaulagain Member Dolakha
20 Kausalya Khadka Member Lalitpur

The first Annual General Meeting (AGM) of NELTA Bagmati Province held on 16 June 2018 formed the following NELTA Bagmati Provincial Committee:


S.N. Name Designation Branch
1 Ganesh Prasad Humagain President Makwanpur
2 Rameshwar Thakur Senior Vice President Kavre
3 Dwarakanath Rimal Vice President Lalitpur
4 Kishor Parajuli General Secretary Makwanpur
5 Ekdev Adhikari Secretary Chitwan
6 Srijana Paudel Treasurer Makwanpur
7 Birbal Lama Membership Secretary Nuwakot
8 Shree Krishna Kandel Member Nuwakot
9 Dilip Kumar Sharma Member Chitwan
10 Manoj Chhetry Member Chitwan
11 Ishwor Prasad Chaulagain Member Dolakha
12 Rudra Prasad Danai Member Dhading
13 Dhurbaraj Khariwada Member Dhading
14 Tanka Prasad Dahal Member Ramechhap
15 Bhuwan Bahadur Rokaya Member Lalitpur
16 Dipak Kumar Khadka Member Ramechhap
17 Beg Bahadur Thapa Member Kavre
18 Sangam Chaulagain Member Makwanpur
19 Badri Bahadur Tamang Member Sindhupalchok
NELTA Bagmati is purely a professional organization that helps ELT practitioner to come together, share their ideas and boost up novice ELT practitioner with some useful practices, theories of learning and research-based experiences. The committee hosted National Conference with International flavor from (2-3) March, 2019 in Hetauda, organized webinars during corona pandemic and has published two volumes of its Journal. 
The NELTA Bagmati Provincial committee formed 'Journal Co-ordination and publication committee' province 3 on 18 July 2018 AD to handle the entire process of Journal Publication.  The very committee worked on publishing two volumes of Journal of NELTA, Province 3. Later, the committee was reformed and changed to the following NELTA Bagmati Journal Editorial Committee on 19 April 2022:
Mr. Rameshwar Thakur Editor-in-chief
Mr. Kishor Parajuli Managing Editor
Mr. Govinda Prasaad Limbu Editor
Mr. Rudra Prasad Dunai Editor
Mr. Sangam Chaulagain Editor
Mr. Manoj Chhetry Editor
Ms. Anju Lama Editor
NELTA Branches in Bagmati Province
1. NELTA Makawanpur
2. NELTA Kavrepalanchok
3. NELTA Lalitput
4. NELTA Chitwan
5. NELTA Nuwakot
6. NELTA Sindhupalchok
7. NELTA Dhading
8. NELTA Ramechhap
9. NELTA Dolakha
10. NELTA Bhaktapur
Editorial Policy and Manuscript Submission Guidelines
The Nelta Bagmati Journal (NBJ), a double blind peer-reviewed journal, aims to meet the emerging quest of ELT practitioners. The NBJ requires contributors to follow the guidelines for the editorial process. Only the manuscripts that meet the marked requirements are to be considered for the further steps. Thus, the Journal welcomes the submission of original manuscripts (free from plagiarism and conflicts of interests) that meet the general criteria of ELT significance. The NBJ, its Editorial Board, accepts no liability for the consequences of any inaccurate and misleading information, opinion or statement.
For conditions of Manuscript Submissions, types of articles to be submitted, Ethical Aspects, Manuscripts Submission Process, Manuscripts Format, Citations, Publication Process, etc., 
Journal of NELTA Province 3: Volume Overview (A peer-reviewed journal)
This is the first volume of NELTA Provincial Journal, Province-3 (Now NELTA Bagmati Journal, NBJ) and consists of 14 articles. In order to meet the emerging quest of English teachers and Neltians, and enhance the quality of ELT through professional networking and collaboration, the journal has presented articles on empirical studies, knowledge and innovative ideas authored by highly experienced teachers, researchers, experts and teacher educators especially from home, reviewed by the topnotch scholars; and edited by the qualified researchers/experts. The contents of the articles are expected to be considerably beneficial for the practitioners who want to get up-to-date theoretical as well as practical ideas regarding the ELT, and teachers who love to upgrade teaching using digital technology and widen their knowledge by surfing varieties of web links. 
NELTA Bagmati Journal: A double blind peer reviewed journal
The second volume of NELTA Bagmati Journal is a double blind peer reviewed journal that aims to meet the curiosity of English teachers and Neltians; and has presented articles related to research based empirical studies, innovative ideas, reviews of academic creations and success stories. The contents of the articles are expected to be quite valuable for the language practitioners who inherit the thirst of grasping theoretical as well as practical ideas regarding ELT. The present volume includes 11 articles and carries the signature of NELTA: creating and sharing knowledge and relevant pedagogical practices in the field of ELT. The volume embodies (and sustains) the promise of expanding NELTA Bagmati Province by initiating a relatively more local niche of professional engagement for scholars and practitioners in ELT. 
The next volume is coming soon!