A major event NELTA has been organizing regularly since its inception is its annual international conferences. This is the biggest ELT event in the country in which more than 1000 people from home and abroad participates and benefit from the presentations, exchanges and interaction activities. A theme is set as soon as the conferences dates are fixed, and accordingly the keynote speaker as well as the presenters and participants for the particular year are notified through electronic as well as print media. Thus, each conference has a theme and a keynote speaker delivers his/her address on the theme. Followed by this, discussion, presentations and workshops take places in different areas of ELT but all these activities are not necessarily restricted to the theme. Likewise, ELT books/materials exhibition, poster presentation, panel discussions, English Language fair are other supplementary events organized during the conference. Renowned ELT figures such as Alan Davies, Eric Glendenning , Hywel Coleman, and Penny Ur are some of the keynote speakers that have attended the NELTA conferences in the capacity of reputed experts in the past. So far 10 keynote speakers have visited Nepal and made every international conference a great success. NELTA is indebted to these internationally renowned ELT experts. As NELTA serves its members through the branches and the branches spread along various parts of the country, all the members from the distance cannot come to attend the annual conferences in Kathmandu. Therefore, in order to provide opportunity to all the NELTA members, NELTA organizes mini-conferences at the branch level in which branch members participate and share their experiences. In such conferences speakers from the NELTA centre, foreign speakers and the local NELTA member make their presentations on different areas of ELT.   For more information on NELTA Conferences, please visit the page