ELT Seminar and Workshop on On Becoming a Teacher: Early Career, Sustainability and Growth- NELTA Morang

ELT Seminar and Workshop on On Becoming a Teacher: Early Career, Sustainability and Growth Organized by NELTA Morang A Report NELTA Morang organized a one-day seminar and workshop entitled “On Becoming a Teacher: Early Career,Sustainability and Growth” at Merryland College, Biratnagar on 28th Chaitra, 2077. The chief guest of the program wasAsso. Prof. Motikala Subba Dewan, President of NELTA. The key facilitator was Mr. Hemanta Raj Dahal, formerPresident and current Advisor to NELTA. The special guests were Prof. Dr. Vishnu Singh Rai, Tanka Prasad  Gautam (Chief, Education Development and Coordination Unit, Biratnagar), Nara Prasad Bhandari (President, NELTA Province No.1), Dr. Rishikesh Wagle (CEO, Merryland College), Dr. Ramji Timalsina (Lecturer, Tribhuvan University), Dr. Achut Raj Kattel (Lecturer, Tribhuvan University), Secretaries of NELTA Province No. 1, NELTA branch chairs from Sunsari and Jhapa, and Birat Anupam, a senior reporter from Nepal Press. The program brought together more than 100 English teachers from Biratnagar. The Program started off with the opening ceremony chaired by Mr.Guna Raj Nepal, Chair of NELTA Morang. Mr. Dadhi Ram Dahal, Joint Secretaty of NELTA Morang welcomed the guests and participants. In her chief guest address, Motikala Subba Dewan, President of NELTA, highlighted on the intellectual solidarity under NELTA umbrella and  collaboration among teachers in their professional activities during recent pandemic crisis and beyond. Speaking as the special guest, Professor Dr. Vishnu Singh Rai shared his poetic bent of mind on how young teachers canreplace old ones and why there is a need to take ELT beyond pedagogical dogmas. Mr. Tanka Prasad Gautam, Chief ofEducation Development and Coordination Unit, Biratnagar thanked NELTA for conducting teacher development programs to support teachers.                                                                  The presentation session began with a talk on “At the Heart of Teaching: Ecology, Engagement and Innovation” by Guna Raj Nepal. In his session, he demonstrated interactive and innovative ways of teaching with reference to the ecology and engaged pedagogy. Thereafter, in her workshop session entitled “Reading Comprehension in EFL Teaching”, Motikala Subba Dewanen gaged the participants in reading comprehension activities. She guided participants through key activities of reading comprehension including coding,background knowledge,fluency, vocabulary, sentence construction,cohesion and coherence. Likewise, Indra Chauhan conducted a session on “Becoming a resourceful teacher: What does that mean for the ELT classroom?” In his session, Mr. Chauhan suggested ways for becoming a resourceful teacher. He demonstrated how teachers can capitalize on curricular materials, supplementary materials, content knowledge, creativity, dedication, patience, and skills of integrating ICT. From the early career teachers’ panel, Babita Parajuli, Dipak Rai, Shiv Kumar Tajpuriya and Pratiksha Khatiwada presented the Spark Session reflecting their experiences, challenges and innovations in teaching. Ms. Parajuli spoke on“Novice English Teachers: Opportunities and Challenges”, reflecting on the opportunities she gained and the personal and professional challenges she faced. Mr. Rai presented on “My ELT Journey: Internship, Sustainability and Growth”,narrating his academic journey from school days in Khotang to his present position as a teacher in a community school. Mr. Tajpuriya’s presentation on “English Language Teaching: A Cooperative Approach” shared research findings onusing cooperative learning activities in the ELT context in Nepal. Mrs. Khatiwada’s presentation entitled “My ELTJourney: Learning from the experience” brought her experience of being an ELT student, challenges she faced in herearly careerstages,and the opportunities she utilized to become what she is today. As the key facilitator of the seminar, Hemanta Raj Dahal delivered a session on “Repairing Working Memory Deficits: Implications in ESL Pedagogy”, which was the main attraction of the program. He presented the concept of working memory, built on it through several practical examples and suggested activities for restoring information in to long-termmemory in the ELT context. Finally, before the program was concluded, Dr. Ramji Timalsina and Dr. Achut Raj Kattel spoke on the spark reflection session. They thanked NELTA Morang for bringing teachers together to enhance teaching learning activities in this district.