Round Table Talk program- NELTA Sunsari

Report of Round Table Talk program Organised by NELTA Sunsari Nepal English Language Teacher's Association(NELTA) Sunsari conducted a round table talk program on 'Post Pandemic Teaching: Challenges and Opportunities' in Itahari on 2077/12/29. The key speakers of the program were Mr. Hemanta Raj Dahal (Advisor of NELTA), Mrs. Motikal Subba Dewan (National President of NELTA), Associate Prof. Dr. Ramji Timalsina, Associate Prof. Dr. Indira Mishra, Dr. Tolanath Kafle. The program was organized according to pre-scheduled calendar of Sunsari branch where the chair of Morang Mr. Gunaraj Nepal, executive members of province 1 as well as thirty -seven English teachers attended the program. Unfortunately, President madam couldn't attend the talk program because of strike on the way to Itahari. The key speaker and the focus point of the program Mr. Hemanta Raj Dahal shared the data of WHO on COVID affected students all around the globe. Along with this, he dealt on the survey data of UNICEF which shows that two third of world's children don't have access of distance learning. So, he emphasized on hybrid learning (blended learning) for post pandemic period as the harsh situation hasn't been settled down successfully. He claimed it has exposed more hidden opportunities during pandemic particularly in ELT section rather than challenges. He said that many of the novice teachers got the first- hand experience of ICT and online classes because of pandemic. It has created an ample of new thoughts in ELT field. However, 78% of the schools are completely disturbed because of this pandemic. He also indicated the paradigm shift to adapt shaping the way we teach according to upcoming circumstances. Finally, he suggested with warning bell to be alert about 2nd wave of covid for preventive measures. Similarly, Prof. Dr. Ramji Timalsina appreciated NELTA Sunsari for such kind of professional celebrations. He engaged his students during the pandemic period through online platforms. Not only this, he himself remained busy in online activities so it was really hectic schedule for him. According to him, pandemic period has created a lot of opportunities for the learners rather than challenges. He forwarded his opinion to redefine the teaching activities in such scenario including other several activities too. He interrogated, "What can we do ahead for teaching activities?". He added, "Now it's time to be versatile, so let's continue our learning because learning is not only to pass the exam but also for survival in surrounding environment".  Next speaker, Associate Prof. Dr. Indira Mishra talked on the challenges she faced during pandemic period to handle the academic activities. She expressed, " Each and every teacher should be completely prepared to face the upcoming harsh situation in the days to come". Following the same line, Dr. Tolanath Kafle evaluated and compared the situations before and after covid-19 particularly in teaching sector. Morang chair, Gunaraj Nepal illustrated about the opportunities and wash back effects of the COVID period. Sunsari chair Mr. Rabin Baral concluded the table talk with vote of thanks and greetings of new year-2078 BS. Some glimpses of the program.