22nd International Conference

22nd International Conference Flyer


The 22nd NELTA International Conference will take place in the following date and venue.

Date            : 24 -26 February, 2017

Venue          : Premier International IB World School, Khumaltar, Lalitpur, Nepal


Main Theme: "Language, Culture and Technology: Exploring Novelty in ELT".

The sub-themes are:

  • Englishes in the classrooms
  • Input and interaction in language teaching
  • Evolving theories and innovative practices in ELT
  • Classroom management
  • Teaching English in difficult circumstances
  • English as a medium of instruction
  • Motivation for language learning
  • Literature in language teaching
  • The methods and post-method in ELT
  • ICT in an EFL classroom
  • Critical pedagogy in the language classroom
  • Learner autonomy
  • Differentiated instruction in an EFL classroom
  • Making English language learning communicative
  • Teacher professional development
  • Authenticity in teaching learning materials
  • Alternative assessment in EFL classrooms
  • Developing 21st Century Skills in ESL/EFL learners
  • Contextualization of foreign language teaching
  • Home-grown materials in ELT
  • Native vs. non-native teacher: Who is native anyway?
  • Learning beyond the classroom: responding to learning strategies
  • Celebrating variety in a language classroom
  • Linking research and classroom teaching
  • ELT in disaster recovery
  • Creativity in the Language Classroom
  • Improving Language Learning: Styles-and Strategies-Based Instruction
  • Culture as the core in the Second Language Classroom
  • Developing materials for language teaching
  • Social Justice in English Language Teaching
  • Language and Policy
  • Language and Globalization
  • "Excellence" in English Language Teaching
  • English to prepare for Lives
  • Multilinguality, Marginality and ELT

Key speakers: Liz England from the USA, Nik Peachey from the UK (British Council), Dr. Russell Cross from the University of Melbourne, Australia


Who can register?

NELTA members and non-members, who are English teachers, students of English and researchers on English language and literature can register for the conference.

How can I register?

Interested professionals who meet the above requirements can fill out the registration form and submit to NELTA Central Office along with following payments.

  • Participants and presenters from Nepal
  • For Early Registration by 31 January 2017: NRs 2500/-for members and NRs3000/-for non-members Registration after 31 January 2017: NRs 3000/- for members and Rs. 3300/-for non-members

  • Participants and presenters from SAARC countries: USD 35.00 or equivalent Nepalese currency.
  • Expatriate participants and presenters working in SAARC countries: USD 45.00 or equivalent Nepalese currency.
  • Participants and presenters from outside the SAARC Countries: USD 105.00 or equivalent Nepalese currency.
  • What will I achieve?

    The conference participants will be served free lunch and stationery during the conference. Participants and paper presenters will be awarded certificates on the completion of events. You will meet approximately 800 ELT professionals in Kathmandu. Book exhibitions and book sale with heavy discount cannot be missed at all. Missing this opportunity means waiting desperately for another 365 days until the 22nd international conference of NELTA.

    How can I subscribe NELTA membership?

    Life membership, Annual membership and Institutional membership can be obtained with a payment of Rs 3000, Rs 300 and 5000 respectively. Annual membership will last for 12 months and is subject to renewal. Life members will receive the NELTA publications free of cost.

    What is NELTA then?

    Founded in 1993, Nepal English Language Teachers' Associations (NELTA) is a Government registered non-profit-making plat form for the professionals of English education ranging from pre-primary to university level, ELT professional working in Ministry of Education, teacher trainers/educators, professionals associated with the ELT, faculties from the Universities and the NGO professionals. NELTA has a central office in Kathmandu and 44 branches across the country with above 3000 Life members and more than 3000 annual members. The core aims of NELTA are to improve English Language Teaching in Nepal through collaboration with the local and international agencies and to establish a network among the professional associations with similar interests.

    Contact persons:

    Mr. Ishwori Bahadur Adhikari

    Vice President/ General Secretary, NELTA

    For further information, please contact:

    Mobile: 98510-39211, Email:ishwor555@hotmail.com


    Mr. Kunjarmani Gautam



    Email: gautamkunjar@gmail.com


    Ms. Anu Adhikari

    Finance and Admin Officer, NELTA Mobile: 9849266094,

    Email:  adhikarianu_san@yahoo.com or ccnelta@gmail.com

    Nepal English Language Teachers 'Association


    Central Office, Chundevi Marg, Maharajganj, (Behind the US Embassy),

    GPO Box: 11110, Kathmandu, Nepal, Telephone: +977-1-4720455

    Email: ccnelta@gmail.com, URL:www.nelta.org.np

    Conference Details

    Location: Premier International IB World School,Khumaltar, Lalitpur
    From : 24th February, 2017

    To : 26th February, 2017

    Other details

    22nd International Conference Flyer
    Information for the Presenters
    Keynote Speaker from the USA
    Keynote Speaker from London (British Council)
    Keynote Speaker from the University of Melbourne, Australia
    Keynote Speaker from India

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