18th International Conference

Registration Fee for the 18th NELTA International Conference

Registration Fees for the Conference

Conference Phase I (Kathmandu Valley)

Nepalese teachers and Expats working in Nepal:

Early Registration (by 31st Jan. 2013)


Late/On the Spot registration

Members: NRs. 2000/

Non-member: NRs. 2500/

Members: NRs 2500/

Non-members: NRs 3000/

1.      SAARC Citizens: NRs 3000 ($40)

2.      Expats working in SAARC: NRs 4000 ($50)

3.      Outside SAARC: NRs 8,000 ($100)


Conference Phase II (Janakpur)

Domestic Participants

  • Members: NRS 800/
  • Non-members: 1250/
  • SAARC Participants

    NRS. 2000/

    Non-SAARC Participants

    NRS. 3000/


    Important Notes:

  • A multimedia projector will be available in all the rooms. But we encourage presenters to bring their own lap-top computer. Our volunteers are ready to help you during the conference. We do not have photocopy service as well. Please bring the required copies of your handouts, or you can copy in the local market here.
  •  All presenters should register for the conference. Without registration, we do not put the abstract in the conference program. However, the participants/presenters from foreign countries may register upon arrival.
  • The registration fee may be sent in the form of an account payee cheque to the account of NELTA (Savings Account 0110013038001) drawable by NELTA from Nabil Bank Ltd., Kantipath, Kathmandu. The swift code of Nabil Bank is NARBNPKA. The presenters/participants from outside Nepal may send the money to NELTA account making it sure that NELTA receives the exact amount mentioned in the registration table above. The sender bears the bank service charge himself/herself. Once the registration fee is paid, it is non-refundable. Please note that NELTA holds no financial responsibility for you. 
  • NELTA members should contact their branch office or the central office for this purpose.

  • The registration fee includes costs for lunch, tea and snacks on the conference days and stationery. It does not include the costs for travel, lodging, board (except lunch) and other expenses.
  • Those delegates from SAARC countries and outside the SAARC countries, who participate in the international conference in Kathmandu, are waived registration fees for the conference outside the valley.
  • Send this form as an e-mail attachment to Kamal Poudel at both kpoudelnp@yahoo.com   and ccnelta@gmail.com . Presenters may present one or two presentations at the conference in both venues. One presenter may present maximum two presentations.
  • Expats working in SAARC are required to produce their valid identity card during registration.
  • For further details, please write to Kamal Poudel at kpoudelnp@yahoo.com or visit http://www.nelta.org.np/ .
  • Some basic information regarding joining the conference of NELTA in Nepal

    1.      Please note that there will NOT be internet facility in and around the conference venue.

    2.      We have posted the web and email addresses of NELTA recommended hotels. Please visit http://nelta.org.np/conferences/18th_international_conference/18th_international_conference_accomodation_options_in_kathmandu.html and http://nelta.org.np/conferences/18th_international_conference/18th_international_conference_accomodation_options_in_janakpur.html for your options. Please mention that you are a NELTA delegate participating in the conference while dealing with them, so that you may get subsidized special rates.

    3.      The time of the presentation is 45 minutes except for the key speech and plenary session. If the number of accepted papers goes too high, we may have 40 minutes for your presentation.

    4.      Please note that all the presenters will register for the conference.

    5.      The minimum temperature in the Kathmandu Valley will be around 5-7 degree celcius (around 41 Fahrenheit) during the night and morning time. But it is fairly warm in Janakpur. I suggest that you come with some warm clothes.

    6.      Foreign presenters may register upon arrival. If you are planning to get registered on the spot, I would like to request you arrive in the venue little earlier on 16th February, 2013 (Kathmandu Valley), ie, 8.00 am in the morning, and if you presenting only in Janakpur, please arrive little earlier in the venue on 20th Feb, 2013,ie, 8.00 am in the morning.

    7.      You can travel to Janakpur from Kathmandu either by bus or by air. If you want to travel by air please book your tickets, for which you may write to World Trade Travel  or Synergy Travels Pvt.Ltd . If you plan to travel by bus, you can book while you are participating in the conference in the Kathmandu valley.

    8.      Your presentation will be in the classrooms of a school. So, your audience will sit on the students' benches, which are normally fixed. You may not move the chairs and benches. Please, plan accordingly. There may not be a podium either.

    9.      We accept only Nepali Currency, GBP, Euro and US dollars only. You may exchange your money from the Money Exchange Counters in Kathmandu. Exchanging the notes of Indian Currency INR500 and 1000 is not possible in Nepal.

    Conference Details

    Location: Kathmandu
    From : 27th August, 2020

    To : 27th August, 2020

    Other details

    Conference Location Janakpur
    Call for presentations for 18th conference
    Presenter's Proposal Form
    Conference Location Kathmandu
    Accomodation Options In Kathmandu
    Accomodation Options In Janakpur_old
    Accomodation Options In Janakpur
    Registration Fee for the 18th NELTA International Conference

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